New York State Library Exhibit: Revisiting "A Visit from St. Nicholas"

In December 2015, "The Trial Before Christmas" featured prominently in a New York State Library exhibit titled "Revisiting 'A Visit from St. Nicholas'," curated by Carol Reid. The exhibit examined the authorship controversy surrounding "Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas."
TrialExhbit Case
Display case at the New York State Library, Dec. 2015, featuring the 2013 transcript of "The Trial Before Christmas" (created by Duncan Crary and Jack Casey), plus assorted ephemera, including the original 2013 TBC flyer, the Dec. 7, 2014 "Jury Summons," a 2014 TBC greeting card, Dec. 10, 2014 Troy Mayor's Proclamation for Henry Livingston Jr. Day and a 2013 advertisement for Brown's Brewing Co. Dunder & Blixem Christmas Ale.
NYS Exhibit 02
Original 2013 "LIVINGSTON v MOORE" flyer for "The Trial Before Christmas" in New York State Library display case, December 2015.
NYS Exhibit 03
Art print of 2014 poster for The Trial Before Christmas by Ben Karis-Nix in New York State Library display case. There are only 25 of these hand-printed posters in existence.
All of the items from "The Trial Before Christmas" on display the New York State Library and more were gifted by Duncan Crary and Jack Casey to the permanent collection of the New York State Archives. One of the most unusual and hilarious items included in the donation was a pair of Christmas socks worn by Attorney E. Stewart Jones Jr. during the trial. (Photo by Neil Grabowsky)

NYS Exhibit 04