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"The Trial Before Christmas" has made news around the world, at local, regional and national levels. Notable reporters covering the case included: Pete Williams, justice correspondent for NBC National News, Joanne Kaufman of The Wall Street Journal and Jimmy Vielkind of Politico.

Other major outlets included mental_floss magazine, FindLaw, New York Law Journal, and Brownstoner. An article by the Associated Press was syndicated by hundreds of local tv stations, radio news programs and newspapers across the country. On-site television coverage by WNYT News Channel 13 and Time Warner Cable News was also syndicated across the nation by local affiliates. One local print journalist was inspired to report on the proceedings in rhyming meter.

In 2022, "The Trial Before Christmas" was adapted into a Hallmark Channel movie, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," which inspired a new round of media attention and brought this homegrown story to a nation audience once again.

Pre-Trial Press (2013)

Review of 2013

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The Trial Before Christmas is much more than the sum of its parts. It's a joyous, raucous and brilliant celebration of all things Christmas and all things Troy. It has the potential to be a holiday classic, every bit as much as A Christmas Carol or The Nutcracker Suite. Except it's uniquely ours, and that's what makes it so special.

Paul Rapp, Metroland Dec. 4-10 | 2014

2022 (Advance)

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Find the outliers.
Even the very traditional Hallmark sometimes hits upon a concept that is strangely brilliant... 'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Dec. 17), which is described thusly: "A former actress trying to break into directing tests her skills with a Christmas Eve courtroom production in which the true authorship of the famous poem 'A Visit from St. Nick' is debated." It's mock trial? About a poem? On Christmas Eve? Who pitched that in a meeting? "Boss, hear me out. It's Christmas Eve in a small town. A woman has big Hollywood dreams. Enter ... some lawyers."

Linda Holmes, Host, NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour

Select Reviews of Hallmark Movie (2022)

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My favorite movie of the 2022 season! This is the most inventive, interest(ing) Christmas plot I believe I have ever seen. I love the research and information on Clement Clark Moore and Henry Livingston Jr. and the etymology of the famous poem about St. Nick. The inner workings of the production of a play seemed real life, with producer’s opinions, improvisation, missing in action actors, actors struggling with how to act, and the play’s longevity. Torrey DeVitto and Zane Holtz are fantastic actors. Their chemistry is beyond explosive!

Jenny Forwark,Hallmark Channel Movie Recaps

It has all of the elements I look for in a good Christmas movie. First, the story is so unique. It was fun learning about the history of this poem through the play. And without giving things away, let’s just say that there are some magical moments in the play that make this movie fun.

Kristen TV Tweetie

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The chemistry between Torrey and Zane is great, but the real treat was seeing this production being re-created for the channel.

JustJared's Top 10 Hallmark Channel's Countdown To Christmas 2022 Movies - Ranked!

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Well, you can't say this two-hour TV movie wasn't ambitious! And it definitely gets points for that.

Tierney Bricker E! News

Rebekah's Readings
In a rarity for Hallmark, one viewing will not be enough for me. I want to watch it again, knowing what I know now.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 9 out of 10.

Rebekah Pearson, Rebekah's Readings and Watchings

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10. "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"
This is a Hallmark movie that tries to throw its arms around a lot of ideas -- it's about two people falling in love while staging a play that debates the authorship of "A Visit from St. Nicholas," and the ghost of Clement Clark Moore shows up -- but it all somehow comes together, thanks mainly to the chemistry between leads Torrey DeVitto and Zane Holtz.

Alonso Duralde, The Wrap, "All 43 New Hallmark Christmas Movies of 2022, Ranked Worst to Best"

The script incorporating Livingston and Moore is genius.

T Gray, The Best Darn Girls Movie Reviews

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this is a must-see movie... bringing together history and literature with a Christmas theme.

Suzanne Ordas Curry, Suzee Behind the Scenes

It’s a brilliant idea for a movie, especially since this authorship controversy is real.

Nicole, Hallmarking Time